Wanted Products

If you are looking for a specific piece of branded jewellery that you are considering purchasing, or you can’t find it on our website. We may be able to source it for you.

Please submit the form below.

  • If you are looking to aquire any type of branded jewellery, whether it is new or pre-owned, please submit this form. We will endeavour to find it for you.

  • Image Upload Facility - Here you can upload any images of the item you looking for. Please note that there is an upload limit of 10MB in total.

  • AUTHENTICITY Declaration- I ("CONSIGNOR" or "I") attest that the item(s) I am considering sending to PreLoved Branded Jewellery to be Genuine and Authentic. I also agree that if the items are deemed as counterfeit I will be asked for proof of purchase. (Suspected Counterfeit items will be submitted to manufacturer for verification, then subject to confiscation by manufacturer).